Saturday, August 28, 2004

back in madison, my friends say that summer has effectively just started.
that's really iffy, seriously.
heard it's been raining all summer, too.

thank God it's nice out now though, moving in's kinda fun i guess, but i'm wary of the fact that the close proximity in the apartment can potentially make or break the friendship.

kinda scary to recognize this as a turning point in life, or in the relationship.

it's nice having my closest friends (for now) right next door or upstairs haha, talking's SO much easier.
as soren and i were talking about earlier, the quality of communication decreases from person-to-person contact, phone-contact, netchat-contact to email-contact to... sheer nothingness.

which i why i was so kan chiong to spend quality time with pple back home, sorry if anyone felt that i came across obsessed with 'highend' conversations. :[ i got a little reminder from a dear friend that he was just... scared of me. coz of that.


anyway i have to get to bed to TRY to sleep, i can't stand jetlag.

and oh, guys who complimented me on my now-functional comments page, i have NO stake in it. no credit due to me, i just changed the background of the blog and it all worked out. :]


oh man.
hang on.
it's kinda freaky now, seriously.
i hear a football match playing in my head, a loud one with whistles and cheers and all sorts of fan-stuff. and the commentator's yelling as the american footballers stampede across the grass. no waves yet, no styrofoam fingers points yet, but lotsa screaming that's juxtaposed with the silence of some who are intently observing the play.

MAN, i need some sleep.

be back soon. ;]


Blogger sinyi said...

rachhh! glad to see that you're back safely. :] missed you at service today (and will miss you for the next 8 months) but keep shining for Christ where He has placed you. Much love and prayers, sinyi

2:49 PM  
Blogger Jac said...

yo did you get my icq msg? i'll prob email you soon, i need some comments from you for my assignment... hope you're having fun back in madison~

4:29 PM  
Blogger aditya liviandi said...

you're not still in singapore meh?

2:44 AM  

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