Monday, April 26, 2004

my planarium population has now multiplied to 3, well, as of this morning, anyway.
it's kind of interesting, the experiment we're gonna conduct on 'em on wed (probably without my TA--teaching assistant--kerry)*.

lemme expound.

my group was supposed to figure out what aspect of the planaria we'd like to conduct our research on to come up with a 10 page paper by the end of the lab sessions, so, considering the regenerative properties of planaria, these platyhelminthes,we settled on chopping off their heads and testing to see how fast each planaria grows under certain pH conditions, coz they live in freshwater regions in water of essentially pH 7.

anyway. :] hopefully it won't traumatize em too much. apparently they have a seriously underdeveloped nervous system so i hope past research has been accurate.
we're gonna sever using a scalpel right below the triangular head. :]
more on that after the experiment has been conducted.

*reason why my TA might not be in lab or discussion on wed (whooohooo!) is coz there's currently something called the TAA, when the teaching assistant's union has agreed upon a strike against new policy to charge for previously free health insurance and not to match salaries accordingly.
TA's have agreed to picket outside school buildings and try to 'persuade' students not to cross the lines. heh, not like we'd need much persuasion ahahaha.
but anyway.
yeah and they might also go on a grade strike if there's no resolution by tues (strike's supposed to be on from tues to wed)--which means that they'll withhold grades from the academic offices. wow.
except for graduating students or students with special needs.

kinda cool, huh.
i'm on the TA's side coz i've spoken to my TAs and i really empathize with their case and think that the state is being plain politically silly. what's new?

anyway, back to my planarium collection. :]
hezekiah got one new companion on wednesday, soren's new planaria (after his original "solomon" imploded) called "ichabod". AND the coolest thing is that i think ichabod errr, went into labor in soren's shelf. in the bottle, of course.
coz when i went to get em on friday, there were TWO!
ichabod became smaller and there was another live one.
waaaaaaaaaay coool.
this dude's called "ezekiel".
and they're all gonna et chopped up on wednesday if they live till then.
i need to change their water soon.

no more exciting news for now.


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