Sunday, April 18, 2004

i'm taking care of hezekiah now, lemme give you guys a sweet lil introduction to my black pal-lee-o. :]

he's a planaria.
a sorta flatworm, he's quite the darling.

he's sensitive to his surroundings, though, so i have to keep him in a lil jar of dechlorinated water.
he feeds on cooked egg yolk, raw liver... etc. BUT i have to make sure i take it out within an hour, otherwise bacteria will form and KILL HIM.
horrendous thought.
what a vicious circle of life.

anyway he's apparently got big googly eyes, and he's cross-eyed too heh.
cute ah.
i hoep he survives.

oh yeah, he's apparently hugely light sensitive too, but i'm supposed ti expose him to light and observe his reaction heh.
[poor dude.]


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