Tuesday, April 13, 2004

just checking to see if this works.

by the way, inspiration for summer possum is courtesy of my dear søren, hahah he was freestyling while we were walkin down bascom hill (for those unfamiliar with madison terrain, a GORGEOUS hill with abraham lincoln at the tippitytop, brilliant trees settling all around with shady embraces and litters of college kids like me sitting around on warm-er sunny days.)

basically, he said:
"summer blossom,
a burrowing possum."

anddddd.... i BURST out laughing.
no no, i also honestly have zilch idea why it cracked me up (and no, i wasn't inebriated or anything heh).
but... thus explains the origin of summer possum.
acually has a pretty nice ring to it, doesn't it?
it makes me think of... an optimistic possum.
a happy bear.
or something.

nvmind. :]

ok, so, as i was saying...
testing... un, deux, trois.

oh oh oh oh must give credit to a coupla pple too.
i have to say that jac's blog gave me the first ooomph push to do this heh.
i just wanna be on her blog's list of people.
although i have full confidence that people will take an incredulous amount of time to recognize a certain summer possum. :]

heh but also... sinyi, who blogs.
and lisa, who has requested that i give her this site's URL once i get it up. :]
i will, i will.

ok, back to studying french and art (2 sorta-exams tomorrow. bummer.)



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