Tuesday, April 20, 2004

what would i do without jac?!!!

lookies here, my cookiesssss:

one of the potentially most useful things for a blog.

so... use it, loves.

check this out too: http://b3.ezboard.com/fecoinsaniafrm1
(note--open in a new browser, you're not allowed to bypass my blog just coz of that. bwahaha.)
it's a site for opinions.
random thoughts, haikus, good songlists, political discussion, religion, you name it.
if you really can't find any segment you wanna post your bursting lightbulb of thought in,
create a new one! :]

and... if you happen to be home and you're drunk, you have to go post on the drunk thread.
the more drunk, the merrier. :]

waaaay cool.
and don't just oogle at it, post! :]
no one will care about anonymousity, so... HAVE AT IT!


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