Monday, May 03, 2004

it SNOWED this morning, SNOWED!!
this is supposed to be mild springtime, dudes.
whassssssssup with this.

i went out to the recycling bin to put the unwanted paper stuff in... in shorts.
the beautiful sunny weather outside my window had been SO deceiving (by this time it had stopped snowing).

but actually, it's seriously gorgeous outside.
sun's out, the tree right outside my window is budding, the sky's an azure blue, all the good stuff.

AND, i have to study for chemistry indoors. bummer.
i wanted to go study by the lake (also a lovely place) but at the current temperature i don't think i'd be so inclined to. :]
i hope it gets warmer as the week goes by.
i don't wanna fly out of madison in the cold, moving luggage with cold-bitten fingers isn't the most ideal situation.

have currently mixed feelings about the upcoming summer holidays.
87% of me wants desperately to go home, but the other 13% is a little bit disinclined to.
i will miss madison, that's for sure, but mostly the people i hang out with.

i'm not not so affable terms with soren at the current moment, but, what the heck, i really don't think the onus is on my head right now.

i am, however, looking forward to my coming few days of serenity and solitude in NYC (going to meet evelyn whoohoo! and spend the rest of the time alone with my thoughts).
and also, i think my attachment at EDB will prove to be overall fun :] even though i'm certain that there will be bits when i'm frustrated to my wits' end.

ok, back to epoxidation and williamson syntheses.

(joke time: say it out loud, it's not gonna be funny if you just read it.)
why is there no aspirin in the forest?
because... the parrots-eat-them-all.
get it?

will post the why-it's-supposed-to-be-funny next time, if i remember.


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