Saturday, November 20, 2004

hahaha i'm SUCH an awful blogger, i know. :]

it's been what, a month?, a coupla weeks?

i just came to the startling (ok, not THAT shocking, but enough for me to think deeper into it) realization that i LIVE school.
i don't just attend college, i LIVE it.
steeped in the academia.
head-over-heels with the books.
staying ON campus.
thinking about going to the entomology lab when i have free time.
(the list is excruciatingly long.)
my family of friends lives on campus.
my church is effectively on campus.
my cell group meets on campus.
my social life is on campus.
going for a movie is on campus.
watching a musical or play is (close to, if not on) campus.

MADISON, my beloved collegetown, IS SELF-SUFFICIENT!!!
i'm city-sick (as in home-sick).

and maybe coz it's just been really cold, rainy and gloomy.
it's 430pm and the sun has FULLY set.
"why does the sun go on shining?" (NOT.)

and i'm typing this blog-gette because i'm bored with studying for my biochem exam on monday (which biochemist needs to remember the reactants, intermediates and products for the metabolic processes?!! ought to jolly well check it out in the books. ugh.).

and melvin, if you see this, i promise you, YOU MADE MY DAY. :]

cheers to all,
back to the books and my academic life.


Blogger s said...

seems like the closer it gets to the exams
the more active people's blogs become
the more you see them on msn
the more they watch tv
etc etc etc

8:16 PM  
Blogger Theo said...

haha.. i'm becoming bored of berkeley...
theres nothing to do here.
but yeah i guess its the same everywhere.
without a car, i've been doing everything in berkeley.
studying, eating, watching movies... like suddenly
your whole world is the campus itself

11:35 AM  

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