Sunday, September 26, 2004


i am the minority here.
and it was so odd, being the minority amidst a minority group.

was doing fund-raising at the *tailgating parties around campus parking lots with some other gospel choir folk so we can have enough money to pay for our transport around to places for concerts and stuff.

*tailgating party = collective term for a cluster of gathered together for a raucous, beer-guzzling, brat-sizzling time. 'sconsin fans (or fans of other teams--i'm faithful to the wisconsin badgers!) like to bbq outside while the weather's still awesome (some are crazy enough to brave winters) and cheer for the team as they listen to the game commentators i.e. laid-back supporters.

we were giving out Lawry's steak sauce and seasoning salt, coupons for the aforementioned meat-stuff, GoldToe socks (what the heck--pple got free GoldToe socks if they were wearing a pair, as if they needed more of the atrocious stuff) and tailgating brochures (containing recipes and whatnot.)

at any rate, it was so odd initially coz we were supposed to go in pairs but i knew close to no one there and i was resigned to asking this pair of girls if i could join em. now, that was oddity #1.

#2 was just slipping into the lingo of the african-american, hiphop generation-style.
"ya'll hit tha' crowd yeaaat?"
"oooooh, people DIG that steak sauce."
"i kin't get nobody to take these brochures (br-oh-shoo-ers)."

there was more, but trying to recollect now is making me forget haha.

it was cool ("k-ool"--note sharp "k" sound) though, slowly warming up and talkin to them.
it was so so sweet.
the couple who owned it got married in '75, hence the car (what a wedding present.)

all in all, we minorities are nice folks, i'd think ("thank") :]

and in case you get me wrong, i LOVE the way they speak.
coz they don't fall into the same trap i do, speaking white-american english when i converse with an american, even one i'm personally close to, like soren and ben.

it's getting better though :] i can speak *gasp* SINGLISH (rather, no-american slang english) with soren and ben, on rare occasions. i DON'T discard my grammar ("when are this due?"), i say three, not "treeee," when i mean three BUT i do use a smattering of my lah's and lor's :]


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