Monday, May 23, 2005

anggi and anjeli

oh, thank God.

i can't imagine the torment faced by their parents being subject to the intense spotlight of their children's operation. the pressure of dealing with the birth of conjoined twins, the pain faced by their beloved offspring.
a stab to their hearts for each cry; no, make that two stabs for each twin.

how do we deal with being understanding of their need for privacy and our desire to know/pray/care for the family undergoing a period of trial?

praise God for separate wombs, vaginas and urethras.
and praise God for the dedicated doctors.

i want to feel this thankful forever.
i think of the failed operation on the iranian twins, and how i have since been desensitized from the pain that i felt during that period.
the intensity of my emotions are so easily forgotten.
do i feel the tragedy of dec 26th, 2004?
i recall weeping over the newspapers, and yet now, it seems distant.
am i the unfeeling creature that i think poachers are?


maybe that's why i keep falling into the same emotional spiral.
God, get me out of it.


Blogger lisa said...

rachel! BUG HUG!! (the new alternative to big hug)


i wish i had your mobile so that i could sms u to say hi and happy birthday, but i don't, so i hope it isn't another 100 days before you realise that you still have a blog.

:) see you soon-ish.

12:54 PM  

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